Adventures In Flushing


If you will be at home this February break and looking for an awesome adventure to take with your kids - Flushing is my absolute favorite.  Its 20 minutes away but feels like we’ve traveled 20 hours on a plane and entered a completely foreign place.   It's so fun finding your way around a new neighborhood. Every restaurant and store you enter is full of something new to see, smell or touch.  My daughters adored mapping each location and trying a different specialty dish everywhere they went.  They even did a little additional research and added a fun ice cream shop and an awesome food court that was like nothing I had ever seen.  Below are the spots we visited and what we ate, that said, stop at anything in between that looks interesting.  Once you’ve visited add your favorite dishes or spots to the list.

If you drive to flushing, we used Central First parking garage 41-61 Kissena Blvd. - about a 6 block walk to our first stop.



135-02 Roosevelt Ave


This is a great place to start.  It is a decent walk from the garage and will help you get oriented in finding your way around. Here you want to start by sharing an order of won tons in hot chili oil (#6).  It comes with 12 pieces and costs about $6. You’ll be hungry for more but I assure you you are just getting started.



If you walk out of White Bear and make a left go to the corner and make a left (your only choice) cross the street and a few doors past the park is Corner 28.  This place will be packed and figuring out where to order from will be half the challenge.  Go to the end of the counter on the right and order a duck bun.  Get 1 for everyone in your party.  They are $1 each and awesome, a pillowy white pocket filled with duck, hoisin sauce and cucumber.  Sweet salty and just big enough for stop 2.






Now its time to head off and find the Golden Shopping Mall.  Walk towards Roosevelt and make the right.  The “mall” will be on the right. Please don’t let the word mall fool you, you are looking for a small door way with steps leading down.  When you go down the steps make a left and go straight back to the Tianjin Dumpling House for an order of Lamb & Green Squash Dumplings ($6 for 12).  Eat them at the counter and you will not be disappointed. It can be a small wait and you may be unsure if they are coming  but have faith.  Note -  You can also but frozen dumplings to take with you.  

In the same space directly across the room is Lan Zhor Handmade Noodles.  We ordered Beef Pulled Noodles for $6.50.  Along with the deliscious noodles and the amazing hot oil sauce on the counter we also got a show.  We were able to watch as the noodle dough was made and then how the noodles were stretched by hand. A wild spot, completely worth the hunt.


Our next stop was outside and to the left to 38-12 Prince St., home of Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao.  This is the spot for 2 things: Soup dumplings ($6.50) and scallion pancakes with meat ($4.50). Its very no nonsense and very fast, no worries you’ll be stuck their too long. Last time I was there the English signage was obsolete, I included the picture on the left to insure your at the right place.






By now everyone was ready for a walk and for something sweet.  We decided to wander around a bit and stumbled on 10 Below, 136-17 39th St.  It was in a cool mall area and after we got our 1 ice cream to share we walked around and found lots of cool items like flowers made of soap and awesome mod coffee mugs.   



The next destination on our list was the Prince Tea House, 36-39 Prince St..  This is an adorable cafe that makes a wonderful cake consisting of super thin crepes layered with green tea buttercream.  It is light yet rich and so pretty to look at.  You are also treated to a hot and cold tea menu that reads like a diner menu.  Page after page with any combination you could want.  The only negative was that while visiting an alarm continued to sound every 3 minutes.  My recommendation would be listen for it and if they are still having the problem take a pass.  


On the way back to the garage we were totally stuffed but had to see the New World Mall Food Court, its downstairs and worth a visit.  It had everything you could want and will definitely be my first stop on my next visit.  In the same building on the first floor is also a big grocery store with incredible fruit.  Grab dragon fruit or lychees to take home.


Still have another stop in you?  Swing by the Yeh Bakery and get some red bean cakes to bring home.  They are rich and oily and will be perfect when your hungry in about 2 hours.