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I aM

...am a culinary instructor and private chef with over 16 years of  professional experience.  I have a background in Food Editorial and recipe development.  Privy Fare offers in-home  instruction for children and adults.  We offer a monthly class and are happy to customize cooking parties no matter what your age. 


...a wife and mother of two wonderful teen girls. I have a passion for exploring the world with my family and exposing our girls to as much as I can. 

...an adventerous eater that loves exporing new cuisines and flavors and bringing what I find to life in my own kitchen. 

...happiest when sharing good times and great meals with my treasured friends and family.

I love helping people create in their kitchen and teaching everyone just how easy it is to make their favorite things in the comfort of their own home.  If you would like to schedule a class or a block of classes please fill out the form below or email me at jmitchmann@gmail.com.

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